Salerno, Sunday 8 August 2002.

A gallery of photos and images always has something magical, for the ability to evoke and relive in our mind emotions, feelings and memories of places made or loved ones even distant in time and space.

Well, if even a single photo or image of the Galleries of this site manages to revive the beauty, the magic, and the emotion of a moment linked to a person or a place, then for this alone it is worth having developed them. .

The photo opposite is an example.

One late afternoon on a Sunday in August many years ago I was staying at the house of my nephews Ale Giorgia and Giulia, who by mutual agreement - as often happened - asked me to accompany them down with their little bicycles to a large space in front of their house. The father did not want to, because it was too hot, and therefore they would sweat, with the risk of colds, and perhaps even fever, etc. etc.! But, with my intervention, we easily overcame the resistance of my son Alfredo (... who was only too right), and at the same time we ran into the elevator (a little mystery still not revealed either by Einstein's formulas or by mechanics quantum), ... and go!

The bicycles in the photo are not seen, because they are out of view (they were in the remaining part of the large paved space).

However, in an interval in which they had stopped going up and down with their little bicycles, I said to my grandchildren: "Get over there, next to that lamppost, and make faces at me!". And yes, they did it to me, ... and pretty good too!

For the moment, only two types of galleries are active:

  1. Public galleries
  2. Private galleries
  3. Other Galleries

I hope to be able to add more soon.



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