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ZEFERINO - beach

That summer thunderstorm on the beach ...

The woman closed the door of the chalet behind her, so as not to make it slam by the wind.
Slender, tall, she slowly advanced towards the sea, face raised towards the sky, arms slightly extended along the body and palms of hands open upwards, welcoming with pleasure the raindrops of that summer storm that suddenly broke out in the early evening.
When a bolt of lightning crossed the cloud-darkened sky and illuminated her face for a moment, you could have seen a shiver of pleasure in her green eyes: that day had been quite hot.

n a short time that storm increased in intensity, almost becoming a storm. On the right, the cliff was barely visible; in the glare of lightning, high waves, dark, massive, jagged with foam, ran straight towards the beach. And the woman seemed fascinated but not afraid of it all.