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In this site, the approach to the meaning of the term 'Culture' is quite different from that of social-network cultural addresses, normally managed by a team of professionals and / or prominent people in the world of culture.

For the development, management and content of this personal site "ZEFERINO", socio-cultural, I used very few resources, which can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and which I reported in the paragraph "Link interesting "at the bottom of the page: links ith white characters on a green background for the contents, and standard links for the technical aspects, and which however are basically resources of the Internet.

Therefore, the dimension of the term 'Culture' in the present context, and more precisely its value, is decidedly smaller, considering the fact that the undersigned is the sole author of the articles of this site.
In this particular category, for example, there are articles that talk about the particular approach with which a grandfather, precisely the undersigned, sees Culture, having much to heart the possibility of being able to share it with his grandchildren - .. with the advantage of the particular relationship grandfather / grandchildren! - through the topics published in the homonymous section.
Ultimately, this section can have its meaning only for myself and the grandchildren to whom it is dedicated, and at most for some friend or person who feels represented, and which is obviously welcome. For my convenience and readers, I have included in this article the useful image-link of the ANSA, and this link ---> "The Observatory", which function as two powerful astronomical observatories on the most topical daily events in the various sectors.

The CULTURE section is divided into the following categories:

  3. FOOD

Sometimes I asked myself why I created this site, and above all because I deal with these topics. I really do not know, and maybe I'd like someone to explain it to me, or maybe show me more interesting congenial paths. In the absence of this, I can only express myself for what I am and I feel, trusting to be able to leave to my children and grandchildren some traces of my ideas and my knowledge. And this is my right, under penalty of the annulment of my own identity.


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