Preface to foods


The discussion on Food is made up of forty-one articles, divided into eleven lessons and an Appendix.
The first five lessons, which include sixteen articles, dealing with general topics. relating to commodity criteria, the laws of the sector, to 'food and nutritional balance, the food changes, the preservation methods, additives, and even labeling, fraud, marks of origin, GMO, etc.


The remaining lessons deal in detail the Food Groups. L 'Appendix contains some more specific topics, such as vitamins, mineral salts, the techniques of preservation and the main laws; It closes the discussion a convenient and simple glossary of common terms.

The Food form, appearing in the sidebar to the right, it is technically a drop down menu where the menu items "Lesson 1", "Lesson 2", etc., Are category blog type, and then, by clicking on one of them , accompanying this lesson articles all appear on the same page; whereas, by clicking on any item sub menu, represented by the specific item name (for example, "The commodity criteria", or "The field of" laws), it is led to the exclusive display of the content of the article .

Therefore, to follow a train of thought, especially for the first five of general and introductory lessons, it is advisable to follow in reading the 'sequential order of items as they are arranged in the form foods from' top to bottom; namely, by clicking first on "The commodity criteria", then on "Laws of the industry, then" Food Balance ", and so on.

Enjoy the reading.

Note: To make more pleasant reading, it would be interesting to publish, at the end of each lesson, a collection of recipes from various regions d 'Italy, with the following requirements: ethnic, genuine, and spread widely.
Thank you.
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