Genealogy and surroundings

 genealogia I would like to give my modest personal contribution to the interesting GENEALOGIA section of which my friend Antonio is promoter, tonicopi the nickname of the well-known web allographer.

To start with, at an operational level, I recommend taking a look at the following address: Ancestry® | Genealogy, genealogical trees and documents of the history of ...
Then, we could carry out a survey to find out if there are public archives in our South where you can find news about our ancestors, but personally - as a senior - I do not think I have enough energy and motivation to carry out this research.

The only thing I can do immediately is to write a few articles on the subject. And it is something that I do with great pleasure, because - as rightly says tonicopi - with age you are more likely to look at your past than the future. And yet I think that a careful look at our origins, at any age, is a source of knowledge and teachings, for the acquisition of a greater and stronger collective consciousness.

 Of course, my thoughts go first of all to the sweet memories of my parents, and then of my grandparents, aunts and uncles, all of my relatives, and of my dear friends who preceded me on that particular trip with a one-way ticket.

It is then the general consideration that the footsteps of the past have always been the directional arrows of the future, and therefore a careful look at our ancestors - illustrious and not - is in my opinion always profitable.


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