Labeling: a set of information for the benefit of the consumer.

For the length of the argument and the complex cases, it should report a summary of the topics.

 Summary of issues:

labeling and packaging definition.

Mandatory labeling of pre-packaged products

Optional labeling of pre-packaged products

Labeling for products containing O.G.M.

Compulsory labeling for PDO, TSG, IGT.

Labeling for organic products

The barcode.

The sign of the ingredients.

The indication of the price according to Community rules.

 Labeling and packaging.


With the enormous development of prepackaged foodstuffs, it increased the importance of labeling.

According to the law, it is intended to feed the pre-packaged product sales units intended to be presented as such to the consumer and to mass caterers, consisting of a foodstuff and from 'packaging into which has been placed before being offered for sale, wrapped all or part of such packaging but still in such a way that the contents can not be altered without the package is opened or tampered with.

By law, it is intended for labeling all of the particulars, of the indications, trademarks or trade, images or symbols that relate to the food product and which appear directly on the package or on a label appostavi or on the closing device or on signs, rings or clamps connected to the same product, or the accompanying documents of the food product.

The packaging and packaging used to protect the food product, to store it and to identify it from the competition. Obviously, the packaging is the object that contains the food product, while the packaging is the outer casing to / to the packaging for easy transport.



 Mandatory labeling of pre-packaged products (List A)


the name or trade name or trademark by the manufacturer or packager

seat of the production or packaging establishment

the ingredients

Note: when more than one, listed in descending order by weight (with an indication of their quantity only in some cases)

additives, marked with their name and / or the European theme song

the quantity and, in the case of canned food in a liquid (water, vinegar, brine), the drained weight

sale price and price per unit of measure, the exceptions (Legislative Decree no. 84/2000)

Note 1: the exceptions to the selling price affect products administered in local not open to the public, or administered for services or products offered at auction sales.

Note 2: exceptions to the price per unit of measure affecting products sold in bulk, which can be sold individually or neck, the different nature places a same packaging, products from vending machines, the single-serve ice cream (not package).

the date of minimum durability, or the due date

Note 1: be preceded by the words "Best before ..." when the date includes an indication of the day, or with the words "Best before end ... 'in other cases, followed by the date or by' indication of the packaging point where it date figure. The date format is generally composed of the day, month and year. For products which will keep for less than three months, however, is simply the day and the month; for those will keep for more than three months but less than 18 is just the month and year; for more than 18 months, it must complete date format.

Note 2: on quickly perishable prepackaged products from the microbiological point of view the minimum durability shall be replaced by the expiration date, and the entry must be "use by ..." followed by the same date or by an indication of the point where it date figure. The arrangement of minimum durability or the date of expiry date shall not apply to fresh fruit and vegetables, wines, the bakers and pastry and a few others.

the mode of preservation

a bar code and an alphanumeric code with the code of the manufacturing country and the letters CE

a product belonging batch identification code (for traceability of defective batches).

the possible presence of O.G.M.

Note: the obligation is triggered where such presence exceeds the threshold of 0.9% (0.5% if the product has not yet been approved). In this case, the label must have the words "this product contains genetically modified organisms" or "This product contains ...", and to follow the name dell'O.G.M. They are exempt from the label warning: meat, eggs and dairy products from animals fed with O.G.M (dir.94 / 54 / EC, dir.96 / 21 / EC, d.p.c.m. of 28 July 1997)



specific icazioni for certain elements (eg. alcohol content, on vinegars specifications, various warnings generally related to the type of product) sweeteners present (Community and national standards relating to individual sectors and individual product categories) further indicazioniNota: must be specified to es. only for fishery products or milk and dairy products or fresh and processed meat, or oil, or wine and so on for the different categories (except in exceptional cases, such as mandatory labeling for chickens, due to the infection avian HN1V5). Optional labeling of pre-packaged products (List B.) (dir.89 / 395 / EEC, dir.89 / 396 / EEC, d lg.109 / 92) LIST B. The information on how to use the confezionela description recipesYour information promotional initiatives authorized by ministerial decree which collections to prizes, vouchers, ecc.gli slogan related to the recycling of the package and to respect dell'ambienteogni other additional information that may be driving to the consumer in choosing the nutritional prodottoEtichettatura (dir.90 / 496 / EEC, d.lg.77 / 93) Note 1: statement of the energy value and the relative indication of the following nutrients, as long as present in significant amounts: fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, sodium not accompanied by a nutrizionale.Nota information 2: nutrition labeling is optional, but becomes compulsory when a nutritional information appears on the label, or presentation, or advertising of foodstuffs; for nutritional information is understood as a description and an advertising message on the non-presence, or presence in more or in less, nutrient, and / or the energy value is not supplied, or provided to an extent reduced or increased. The legislative decree 77/93 also said: a) as the energy values ​​of nutrients (Kcal./gr. Or kJ / g.) Must be expressed; b) which vitamins and minerals may be declared on the label; c) the relative RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance), and with what unit of measurement (for example, in mgr. vit. C (RDA = 60), E, ​​B6, and Ca, P, Mg and Zn; in mcg. Vit . A (RDA = mcg. 800), D, B12, iodine). Labeling for products containing GMOs (reg. CE 258/97 Reg. EC 1139/98, reg. EC 49/2000, reg. EC 50/2000) LIST C.For soybean and maize the words "produced from genetically modified soya 'or' produced from genetically modified maize "even if the product contains only one ingredient with protein or DNA resulting from genetic modification, also at the bottom of the list of ingredients by way of reference with asteriscola ricetteper description of certain foodstuffs produced from genetically modified organisms the indication of characteristics different from those referred to in dir. 79/112 / EEC and subsequent modifichel'indicazione of additives and flavorings or derived from genetically modified organisms contained in food products and ingredients Mandatory labeling for PDO, TSG, IGT. (Reg. EEC 2081/92, reg EEC 2082 / 92) LIST D.per products that have received Community recognition, the words and logo respectively of protected designation of origin (PDO), protected geographical indication (PGI) traditional specialty guaranteed (TSG) labeling for organic products ( reg. 2092/91, reg. EC 1804/99, dm338 / 92) LIST mandatory E.Etichettatura. For products that have received Community recognition to the designation of product sales, must appear the words "Organic Farming - EC Control Regime -" for products with at least 95% of the ingredients of agricultural origin obtained by the method biologicoNota: the remaining 5% of the ingredients must be included in the positive list and includes additives and tropical products of importazioneEtichettatura optional: the "organic agriculture volunteer Community logo" (reg. CE 331/2000) the barcode. Before leaving the topic of labeling, we also want to mention to the bar code (EAN-13 - European Arctic Numbering), which identifies food and not offered for sale, particularly in supermarkets and supermarket chains, and introduced to facilitate the sale, loading, unloading, and the inventory of merce.Esso consists of 13 numeric positions (flags): the first two flags identify the national code authorities (for Italy, INDICOD, n. 80; for Norway, n. 70; etc.), the following 5 flags on Mfr dall'INDICOD assigned to the trademark owner, the next five flags represent the product code assigned by the manufacturer, and finally the last flag that serves only as controllo.Esempio code, a pack of extrafine peas 500 gr. has as a barcode: 80-12345-00001-2, ie 80 * EAN prefix for Italy (INDICOD), 12345 stands for "Rossi s.p.a., P.zza Duse, 2 20100 Mila



no, 0001 stands for peas extrafine 500 gr., and 2 is the control code. The sign of the ingredients. (DM December 20, 1994) When the foodstuffs are offered for sale to the state in bulk, that is not packaged, then it is obligatory, and should be kept in sight, the sign of the ingredients containing the product name, list of ingredients in descending order by weight (and according to a precise pattern by law: a) bread, special bread, bakery products, and pizzas; b) fresh pasta, also special, and special with fillings; c) the ice-cream products, namely milk ice, the fruits and the vegetables, frozen desserts; d) of pastry products, all types), conservation modes for highly perishable products, and expiration date for the fresh pastries. The indication of the price according to the standards comunitarie.Salvo few special cases (bulk product sold by the piece or neck, or vending machines, or packaging with multiple products, or to be mixed immediately before use, etc.), The products on display for sale to the consumer must carry both the selling price that the price per unit of measure, namely, for example € 5,55 / Kg (Legislative Decree no. 84/2000).

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