The certification marks


The STG products, PDO, PGI.

The European Community created in 1992, some known systems such as DOP, Protected Designation of Origin, PGI, Protected Geographical Indication and TSG Traditional Specialty Guaranteed, to promote and protect food products.



The purpose of this Community initiative is to encourage diverse agricultural production, protect product names against misuse and imitation and help consumers by providing them of the specific character of the products.

STG is a statement that does not refer to the origin of the product, but has as its object to enhance a traditional composition of the product or a traditional production method. They can be registered in a Community register, if they comply with European Union regulations

PDO is the name given to identify a product that is produced, processed and processed in a well defined geographical area, in accordance with a recognized experience and recorded, and according to a particular production process, said specification.

This product specification is the cornerstone on which the certification of quality; in fact, it should indicate the name and denominations, description of the product and raw materials, the geographical area of ​​origin and the origin historical evidence linked to the territory, production procedures. The specification is evaluated Mipaf (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry), which, if compliant, by official recognition.

The IGP products receive this recognition from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, or if they are produced and / or processed and / or processed (just one of the three conditions) in an area well-defined (eg, Sorrento lemon).

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