Desserts and ice Cream

Sweets: pastries, cookies, candy.

In the family of confectionery products we have: pasticceria1.paste ready for use (puff pastry c

ake, Saint-Honoré, etc.) Or
Basic 2.Paste (sponge cake, pastry, puff pastry, cream puffs for)
3.Products leavened (cake, colomba pasquale, croissants, etc.).
Fried 4.dolci (frappe, the pancakes of Saint Joseph, etc.).

2.i fresh biscotti1.biscotti
dried 2.biscotti

3.i dolciumi1.cioccolato, in various types
2.dolciumi made from sugar

4.camels gelati1.gelati milk
2.gelati fruit

5.creme for egg gelati1.creme
2.creme milk

Ice cream: characteristics and production

The ice creams are produced both industrially obtained that handcrafted (and however, may also be prepared at home); are sweets made milk, sugar, and other ingredients, pasteurized, homogenized, and solidified with freezing and hardening at low temperature.

The production of ice cream takes place in two phases: the preparation of the mixture, and its freezing: a) in the first phase the two sides, suitably dosed in the various ingredients, are pasteurized for about 3 hours at 80 ° C. and then brought to 0 ° C. and stir; pasteurizer is also carried out in the maturation of the mixture at a temperature between 2 ° and 4 ° C., to obtain the consistency - or weaving - characteristic of the ice cream, and the resulting increased viscositৠb) in the second stage, the mixture is cooled to - 7 ° C. and simultaneously is stirred and blown with air (to obtain the softness).

Egg creams, milk creams.

The ice creams are divided into egg creams, with at least 40 egg yolks for 10 kgr. mixture, (for vanilla ice cream, chocolate, hazelnut, coffee, etc.), and creams to milk (for fruit ice cream, the yoghurt). (For details, see text) .Ovviamente, "the ice creams are not considered frozen foods"; see paragraph 1 of article. 1 of Legislative Decree n. 110/92 relating to the subject of frozen


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