Salerno, Sunday 2 August 2018.

  A Gallery of photos and images always has something magical, for the ability to evoke and revive in our mind emotions, feelings and memories of places made or loved ones even distant in time and space.

Our mind! I am absolutely convinced that the human mind is the most complex and mysterious and interesting object in the whole Universe. And the Beauty, of which we are all constantly searching, is in fact something universal and general that resides only in our mind, and that the eyes can only transmit, but never perceive!
Well, if even a single photo or image of the Galleries of this site manages to revive the beauty, the magic, and the emotion of a moment tied to a person or a place, then only for this it is worth to have developed them .

For the moment only two types of tunnels are active:

  1. Public Galleries
  2. Private Galleries
  3. Other Galleries

I hope to be able to add others soon.


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