Introduction to genealogy

  Zeferino my friend invites me to handle on its website this category of articles dealing with genealogy.
Why do genealogical research? What drives a person to take an interest of their ancestors?
I would say that the reasons are manifold. It is out of curiosity, to the desire to know something more concerning our origins. I would say that this curiosity is manifested more easily in old age.
For me it is the arrival of grandchildren has accentuated much my desire for knowledge of the origins, but also knowledge of current relatives that if we sink research on 5-6 generations and then go back down by building the whole tree will discover certainly be several hundred of individuals.
I reproduce here the foreword to my family tree which I published on my site.


I come from the forests are coppice. Coppice: said forest, tree, bush and the like that are cut regularly. It remains under strain, the socara, above the plants grow, which instead are the branches. Because, contrary to what we believe, beautiful oak barrels, the straight hornbeams, even the big plane trees, in fact are not logs, but the branches grew from socara. You think you fell a tree, and instead they just come off a branch. The tree is the same as tagliavi forty years ago with your father. Forty years earlier he had been the grandfather to cut it, and before that the father of his grandfather. All around to cut branches from the same socara, because the strain was always the one. It 'a coppice, in fact. And 'father died, my grandfather died, I will die, but remains under socara. We are therefore branches, branches of a family tree.

Here now we can start to rebuild our family tree. To have a technical aid recommend a registration on this site:

In addition to finding news and useful tips for those who want to create their own family tree for free we can host the database with our data and navigate it with a good genealogy program, very easy and intuitive to
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