The "News": we all know very well the enormous importance of the news.

In journalism, the "news" is the raw material, which is processed and disseminated. For the users, on the other hand, it is obviously a source of knowledge regarding the most disparate sectors, from politics, economics and finance, to culture, science, technology, medicine, climate, and then to travel, home, and garden. fashionable, at the cinema.

 Following the well-known classification criterion of the 5 W of the news in general (ie: Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?) the NEWS section of this site has been divided into the following six categories:

  1. Latest news;
  2. News from Salerno;
  3. News from Italy;
  4. World News;
  5. News from the past;
  6. Flying Notes and Flash. 

 Indeed, the "Who?" and the "What?" are represented by the contents of the various articles published in the respective categories, the "Where?" from the categories mentioned in points 2., 3., and 4., and the Why? - the most complex parameter - is left to the reader's free judgment.

Finally, "L'Osservatorio", in the Latest News category, represents a vast repertoire of interesting categories of information, and which not only allows to have the addresses of general interest in a single page (thus gaining time), but also to have an effective incentive for reading and research.

Enjoy the reading.


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