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Preface to grandfather Zef

  As is best in publishing on websites, when you start a collection of articles related to a certain topic, you need to give them a name and a brief description. And so, wishing to talk about grandparents and grandchildren, and precisely the habits and behaviors and common conversation arguments between grandparents and grandchildren, and having to choose a short title, I thought of giving the section of this site a short name, for the " Grandfather Zef ".

Having arranged the name of the section, I had to decide on the category names of the section. And then, immediately, I thought of a category called "Fables and Tales", being well-known that when grandchildren are small, grandparents are usually used to tell them stories. To some lengthy tale I have given space to a whole category, as for " Rikki Tikki Tavi, a summary ", in fact a summary of the story of the English writer Rudyard Kipling, present in the collection The Jungle Book.

Then, in the life of an elderly person, an important space is that of memories. And so to a second category I gave this name: " Remembers ".

 But it can also be generalized, in the sense that all the fables and stories first, and then memories, are part of a very large and very thick substrate, which we simply call dreams. Dreams are an important part of our lives. They always accompany us, in a simple and imaginative way as in grandfathers' fables to grandchildren, but also during, and after, and until the end. There are the Dreams of Young People who are looking to build a future. There are the dreams of young people who find love, and who dream and work on how to be united forever with loved ones. At the same time, it is possible to distribute fables and tales generated by such dreams in sub-categories divided into age groups, not excluding adults. Literature is full of examples of favolistic works suitable for all ages; we quote " The Little Prince " by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and works of greater thickness, such as the trilogy of Italo Calvino, "Our Ancestors" (The Viscount Dimension, The Robbing Baron, The Non-existent Knight); and again, W. Shakespeare's superb work "Midnight Summer Dream". Shakespeare himself in his work "The Tempest" tells Prospero: "... We are of the very substance of which dreams are made, and our little life is surrounded by a sleep." Ultimately, Dreams are needed at all ages: the theme changes, but each of us - and each in its own way - tries to make sense of the mystery of our complex, mysterious, human fragility.

But it would also be interesting to examine how the rapid evolution of human society - its ways of being, thinking about its lifestyles - is also changing relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. And so it would be interesting to have articles about experiences and chronicles of real facts concerning grandparents and grandchildren. And this is part of the future developments of this section of the site, which I hope - Heaven! - to be able to accomplish.
To make general participation - both of grandparents and of all grandchildren, according to the above-mentioned meaning - as an administrator I thought about updating the site to the latest version of Joomla! (verse 3x), which is responsive, and can be easily viewed on smartphones and tablets, so that content is distributed especially among young people, also due to the multilingual feature of this site.

autor: Zeferino Siani

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