A visit to the house of our grandchildren

Salerno, Wednesday, May 16, 2012.
 Short prologue.

My wife Lucia asked me if you could, in the afternoon, head down to the home of our son Alfredo, to review the grandchildren.
 Of course, I said yes. D 'on the other hand, I think this is absolutely the proposal on which my wife and I we are always d' agreement, being one of the few things that still fill our lives.
 And then in the late afternoon, after having put in both eyes the usual eye drops, and as she is by the last quick touch-ups, I go to take the 'car in the garage, step outside the door while she is coming out of it, and happy go towards my son's house, from via Rocco Galdieri Pastena via Settimio Mobilio: typically, ten minutes, with normal traffic.

The facts of the day.
Knock, and it opens our consuocera - grandmother Olga - always glad when it receives visits; Then, in the hallway after the 'input, we cross our son Alfredo, as it is coming from the room of our granddaughters, the twins Giorgia Giulia and seven years; the room is occupied for the moment only by Giorgia, committed to carrying out a task of the school fifteen thoughts on the Nintendo game.
We salute briefly in the hallway. And immediately Alfredo tells me, "Grandpa, please, look at a little the task of Georgina!", And together with my wife disappears into the next room, that of Alexander (11 years), which is now at home there 'is because of a friend from school. The room, a little smaller, is now temporarily occupied by Giulia, she engaged in a task of fifteen thoughts, but on Alice dog, a mutt from them found and adopted a few years ago in Paestum, where we have a little bit of space, and taken into custody by my kind friend in winter.
Ale (Alessandro) will talk about a 'last time. Giorgina and Giulia dad with a metaphor says it is the first cat, dog, and the second is, that the first is more reserved, the second more expansive. I add: the first is more "intellectual" - with Nintendo we spend more time than necessary! -, The second with a passion for animals, especially for dogs; Giulia is also more listless, so that my son strategically assigns, when it is at work, the caregiver Lella, while Georgina generally homework plays them all by myself, as a control in the evening by the father or the mother.
Alfredo passes continuously from one to 'other room, to follow especially Giulia, but also to give Giorgia, who do not need at all, a sign of his presence and participation: it seems a general in full action in the control of two battlefields; and while I'm smiling of my funny thought, he reunited with me in the hallway and tells me, "Grandpa, please ...", and I "I go, I go!", and I suggest to Georgina on the fifteenth and last little thought, namely this: "the Zeferino grandfather asked me what is the Nintendo, and I showed it to him."


By checking, I see that Georgina wrote: "... and the ...". Although it seemed to me at once an intelligent error (Georgina has broken the pronoun him in the personal pronoun -> to him -> ie the grandfather Zeferino and the demonstrative pronoun -> to -> ie, Nintendo), nevertheless the question a mistake, and I say: "Georgina, look at that here you have to write it all together, that is him."
But Georgina's' foot down and tells me with a firm tone: "No, Grandpa, you write everything off!"
I also ask to Alfredo and my wife, and Alfredo want to see the Dictionary of Italian. Dictionary is written on him, but since we still doubt that we can also write any other way, we decide salomonicamente written leave as is and leave everything to the judgment of the teacher. For a while, playing hide and seek with the girls first and then to chase a hypothetical imitating what decrepit wolf.
Then Alfredo asked me to go with him to take Ale, which is to do the lessons at his friend near Piazza Malta, to take him from thence to the gym near the Salesians from basketball practice; I think ... a third battlefield, for our general! By car we talk a little of everything, Alfredo di Bossi ( "... all I could think of him except crook of the State"); I my Kindle and 'latest book by Haruki Murakami 1Q84; Alfredo then again, Ale who wondered why not the 'had called for a league match, on' important to work hard, in life as in sports. Let's stop the 'car in front of the gym, Ale greets me politely ( "Hello, Grandpa!"), And go back home, where we begin to see the recorded movie "The Father and the Foreigner" by Giancarlo Cataldo, but up to a certain point, because Alfredo must be all 'Hospital for 20 hours, for the night shift, and I have complained to my wife that must fall to prepare dinner for the two of us and my daughter Amalia. Remains fixed with Alfredo 's appointment for next Wednesday, when it also ultimerò watching this interesting film on diversity.
Conclusion and reflections.
Now the day is over. My PC is idle, and quickly took advantage to research on Google before 'him' and then 'and the'. Results: a) her (5,880,000 pages) -> normal form; b) it to him (268,000 pages) -> original form, perhaps even more appropriate, but now rarely used; c) and the -> Google tells me: "Did you mean to him?" Google's pages containing "him and" all belong to Facebook. The languages ​​are alive, constantly changing; and as the vernacular of the fourteenth century then became - especially purified by Dante - the Italian official language, so we can not exclude that the 'current' and the "written and mistakenly thought everything becomes disconnected then a correct way of expression. Ultimately, change the world, change the language. It must be a wonderful thing linguistic interest (etymology of words) and philology. I'm reading "One, No One and One Hundred Thousand", and they are fascinated by the linguistic purity of its contents; I think Pirandello would not so well written his masterpieces except they were not dedicated to romance and linguistic studies of philology courses.
Before going to bed, I approach the balcony and look down distracted, thinking of opening the 'next day a new menu item in my site-blog Zeferino,' Culture 'or something like that; something very personal, for my use and consumption now, and then my children and my grandchildren then. This my last site - Zeferino - is the most original of the three. Already the domain name, zeferino.it, was made possible thanks to the rarity of my name. Then the name of the site, even Zeferino, which makes me feel like a lonely castaway, in the vastness of the sea. And finally the site's privacy, the public content in theory but in practice it is as if they were private, because nobody cares. It remains really important for me just this: that some of the site content is shared today, and especially tomorrow, my children and my grandchildren; in line with the slogan: "Prof, and grandfather ... with Web", ie a grandparent with 'web hobbies and websites.

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