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Meet up at Bryant Park


Bryant ParkMargareth was proud of her work and of her position. And the people who knew her were in favor of seeing her as a good financial consultant, with a quality that could hardly be precisely defined, and that her most discerning clients identified in a kind of wonderful certainty that what was being decided about or diversification of the securities of a portfolio or a brilliant pick-up would have been a sure success.

With slow steps, she approached the large window of his office, at the 30th - and even last - floor of HSBC Tower, 452 Fifth Avenue, New York: during the night the wind had swept the sky from all the clouds, and the view was magnificent, but partial. Then, as he had done before, she took a key from the desk, closed the office door behind him, ran up the two flights of stairs and then - two turns in the lock and a push - went out onto the terrace!

Now nothing stood in front of her eyes and, satisfied, she could look up to the Hudson to the left, to the East River to the right and, behind him, to all the Central Park to the north, ... and beyond, and beyond! Then, as always, her gaze slowly receded, retracing the previous vision backwards, until she pinned herself on Bryant Park just below her: New Yorker for generations, she loved her city, and in particular she loved that meadow which today shone like a face well polished of an enormous emerald.
The Bryant Park! ... Always well cared for and clean, with all those chairs and tables under the plants arranged around the rectangle of green lawn, where she went to read, or consume fast food, or at other times simply to lie down and sunbathe with her feet barefoot on the grass.
And then, in winter, all November and December, that ice rink, the Winter Village, and those shops with yellow, green, multicolored glass windows, where you can buy everything, useful and useless, a drink, a coffee, a snack, or a nice souvenir. Or even go and get your favorite book from the adjacent New York Public Library, then read it sitting on one of the many chairs available, for example, next to the statue of William C. Bryant !, poet and journalist, or next to the circular fountain , or in one of the shady alleys around the park, or in full light in the park.

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